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Easy to Use and It Works!

I have never written a review for an app, but I am so impressed with Winmail.Dat Viewer Pro, I had to give it the kudos it deserves. I received a win mail.dat file attached to an email. It showed up out of the blue and I had no idea how to open it. After doing research to find out what a win mail.dat file was, I went to the App Store to find help. There were several apps with good customer ratings, but I chose to pay $1.99 for WINMAIL DAT VIEWER PRO app without ads. It downloaded quickly and I was able to use it immediately. I did not have to create an account before using the app. I opened Winmail Dat Viewer and a small popup box appeared with instructions to drag the win mail.dat file to the box. I saved the win mail.file from the email to my desktop and then drug it to the popup box. The win mail.dat file instantly converted to a PDF file!! I highly recommend this app. It does exactly what it says it is supposed to do.

Does what it’s supposed to

Thanks for this. Microsoft, PLEASE get rid of winmail.dat

Didn’t open the file.

I recieved a file from my lawyer so I bought this app, it doesn’t open anything for me. Said it would open my file as a “text”. I said OK and it said there was no message and no attachment. Even at $1.99 it’s a waste of money!




This app has made my day! I have had many different apps to open the win.dat files, Paid for the more expesive ones only to find they don’t work :( Today, I tried this app, purchased the pro version and It works flawlessly!!! It even lets me add appointments to my ical!


This app. is the best.

Hey - It WORKS

It works. For the life of me I don’t know why Apple can’t just build the functionality into Mail.

Great App for winmail docs!

Very easy to use, just open the app and drag the winmail doc to it and it opens in up so that it is readable. That’s it! Then you can save it as a doc or pdf or however you’d like to on your mac.

This Is a Top Shelf DAT Viewer!

As an online writer/editor I receive articles from authors around the country, some of whom seem to be using a unique version of Outlook that sends their Word Docs as Winmail DAT. Not only can I not open these on my iMac, my other editorial staff cannot open them on their PCs! Thank goodness for this Winmail DAT Viewer which saves the day — and a lot of time! I give it two thumbs up!

works like a dream

Does exactly what it says. Stay away from the “free” ones with in-app purchases. They are a waste of time.

Best DAT Viewer I’ve used.

I’m using this app with Outlook for my business and most of my clients use Windows machines. I’m able to open their attachments with ease and it keeps the workflow going. I’ve tried other apps and this one seems to work the best by far!


Business brings in lots of win mail.dat - this viewer saves the day!

works like a charm

just tried 3 different versions and this works seamlessly.



Better choices exist but the differences are minor

Right-click (Open With) is a much needed feature.

Works fine so far

Am now able to open winmail.dat files by clicking Open on the attachment in the email (Outlook 2011 Mac). Drag and drop from the email doesn’t seem to work but DnD from Finder does work. Rating a 5 for now as purchase, installation and use went quickly and without any problems.

version 2.2 works on my MacPro

I am using Winmail DAT Viewer version 2.2 on a MacPro. My office at work continues to send me attachments generated in Outlook which won’t open on my Mac. This program works perfectly for me every time. I don’t understand why some of the other reviewers have a problem. I have a 2008 MacPro running El Capitan, but it also worked for me with the previous OS versions.

Bunch of .dat files, says all contain no data

It says all of them have no message body, and no attachments. File sizes from a couple hundred bytes to severl megabytes. Others have opened these files. Doesn't seem right to pay good money to find out the program won't work.

Works as described

Have some clients who send me photos for bidding purposes, on construction jobs. Just couldn’t open them, until Winmail DAT Viewer came along. Always there, always works. Thanks.

Easy to use

Love this little app that converts win.dat files to something I can open on my Mac. Only problem is that if you save the win.dat file to your hard drive, be sure to change the name of the file so that you don’t copy over previous win.dat files if you save them to the same location.

dat files

This app contiunues to open .dat files for me. I have had no issues and will continue using this when the dreaded .dat appears in my in box.

MAYBE it works 25% of the time (at best)

Don’t waste your money! This version may be better than it was, but it’s still “JUST NO DAMNED GOOD!” - at least not reliably so - at all!

Saved the day!

This app saved the day for me. I work at home and every attachment from my employer came through as a winmail.dat file. This $2 app works every time. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Thank you!


It sorts out in the simplist way a very confusing and annoying winmail.dat that no one seems to have control over as it gobbles up the attachments to e-mails. I give it a 5 star with thanks for letting me receive attachments.

Best Ever!

WinMail.DAT challenges have been the bane of my existence. I have tried every solution out there. None come close. The WinMail DAT Viewer Pro is the best ever! Thanks to whomever developed it. Good job.

Don’t do it!

Won’t even open! Thanks for nothing.

not at all useful

woooooooooow This app literally does nothing. It doesn’t open winmail.dat files….it just tells you to buy the full version, which is utterly and insanely expensive, which no person in their right mind would ever buy, ever. RUN AWAY

Doesn’t work

Click on it and nothing happens. Three bucks down the tubes. Apple should do a better job of vetting apps.

does what it says it will

just installed the app; works great; well worth the $1.99. thank you.

Works great

Nicely done. Always works great

Love it!

I’ve struggled with winmail.dat files for years, having to ask colleauges with different systems to access the files for me. Now I’m all set. LOVE this app!

Poor Application.

Purchased this app to read win mail.dat files and the first attachement I tried, it states that it does not support PDF files. Most WINMAIL.DAT files I receive are PDF files. This product does nto support most WINMAIL.DAT files. Very disappointed. How do I get my purchase price refunded?

Just wasted $2

Doesn’t work on my Mac running OS 10.10.4

Not Working for me

Bought this app looking to solve the problem of receiving winmaill.dat files from client using PC’s and outlook, but it is not working for me, have tried to open many winmail.dat files and none work.

Unable to open winmail.dat

Something is not working. Perhaps I need a tutorial program. Help! Winmail Viewer opens nothing for me.

Didn’t work for me.

I am using a IBM Notes email client. Didn’t work.

Warning - Potential Bogus App

This app is useless on my iMac OS 10.8.5, it will not open or reveal windmill.dat attachments in email. Gives an error that says it can’t work with that type of file. I’m also very doubt why this developer’s apps have so many 5 stars, and I’m very disappointed.

Winmail DAT Viewer - It works for me and makes a stupid software compatibility issue workable

It is so painful to not be able to open docs from Windows users, however the Winmail DAT Viewer makes it as easy as it can be without the program working automatically when a “winmail.dat” file appears. I have been using the Winmail DAT Viewer for well over 9 months. With the Winmail DAT Viewer, I drag the saved “winmail.dat” file into the DAT viewer at the bottom of my screen. The DAT viewer opens the email with the normal file residence in the email. I then drag the normal file into my folder and move the email and the “winmail.dat” file into trash. I recommend the program.

Winmail Dat

Every PDF comes from an employee that is usiing win7 and the latest outlook which comes to me as a DAT. It is an Acknowledged MicroSoft problem. However, they cannot fix outlook without screwing you too many other things. SO WINMAIL came to our rescue!! It is economial and works seamlessly!

never fails

This is the third ap I’ve installed for opening files sent from Windows to my mac laptop and it works every time. I’m extremely pleased!

Seriously useful

I have a couple of contacts whose attachments appear as winmail.dat files every time they try to send a photo. They’re technically challenged so it’s no use asking them to do it differently… I tried a couple of other email viewers and all they did was display garbage. This one does the job!

Easily the best dat viewer I’ve tried

Most of my freelance business is done by email, which occasionally leads to file issues. Two clients in particular insist on using a version of Outlook that generates dats, so finding a trustworthy, simple, viewer with a clean interface is vital. I tried four others before discovering the LawBox version, and I’m happy to say that I won’t be trying a fifth. This is exactly the lean, straight-forward tool I’ve been looking for to keep the work and engines of my small business turning over. A++


My customers keep sending me dat files that I can’t open. With this app, its a lifesaver!

Works perfectly EVERY SINGLE TIME

Two years later, still my fave.

Did not work

This app did nothing. It didn’t convert the winmail.dat file that was attached to an email - in fact, it didn’t even recognize that the attachment existed.

Does its job

This app is simple and straight forward, which is probably what I love most about it. It is dependable and never crashes… I work in an Apple environment but it seems that a decent percentage of the people that I interact with (clients, etc) send me files that I always had to reply with a “can you reformat that, I can’t open it…” Not anymore! Saves me a lot of time.

worked as touted

it worked perfectly on both of my recent winmail.dat file.

Works well

Works great. Only thing I did not know is that, after dragging and dropping, you have to drag the file out of the drop zone to your screen to open file.


I couldn’t figure out what was happening with one of my clients’ email attachments. Their IT department couldn’t figure it out either. A simple search on the APP store gave me this! And, it’s been VERY HELFUL ever since!! A++++

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