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Windat Viewer

Just updated my Mac to Yosemite OS and also have Office for Mac. Downloaded Winmail Dat viewer. Immediate download. Went to my emails clicked on winmail.dat and it opened to a screen that allows me open the file in word. Flawless!

It does NOT show attachments on message

It does not show attachments


After struggling for a long time with those **** windmail.dat files I’m so glad I found this. Easy and effective. I have OS X 10.9.4. I must say I would not have considered paying the full $24.99 for it. At a discounted $3.99 it’s fine.

didnt work

A friend sent me a bunch of photos in a winmail.dat file so i got this app and it didnt work at all. I dont know what everyone else is using it for but i had to get out my old IBM which took 30 minutes to start up but at least it worked better than this app!

it worked great for me.

It was easy and worked great. Thanks.

I Love You

Thank you so much. I have been getting WinMail.Dat files for years and truly despise the senders. I just purchased yours opened up the doc and it works. Their is a God. No you are not it but real close. Best 2.99 I will ever spend.


I just downloaded this app and it worked just as promised!!! I was able to see all of the files that were hidden in the winmail.dat! These were important documents. Thanks a lot!!


This company has the best customer service I have ever experienced! Very impressed!

Did not work out of the box

App will not open or reveal windmill.dat attachments in email. Gives an error that says it can’t work with that type of file. I am using OS X Yosemite.

Nice App

I love this app.

Extracted some text, not email or files

Unfortunately, this program extracted some text but not a forwarded email or any files. It wasn’t the email’s fault - another app on the App Store (Winmail.dat Letter opener lite) got everythign no problem. I sent a message to the company during business hours; as of the next day, they have not responded.

Total Waste and Hard to Use!!!

What crap! $4 to open files that should be opened by any computer. They open on PCs, not Apple products. This app requires you to drag the files to a window to open them. There are no instructions and so far — it doesn’t work. Files bounce and jump and do just about everything — but open. Another example where you’re screwed with a Mac.


THe program is super easy in that you drag your .dat file in, and it immediatly opens up a view with all the contacts converted into vCards. This part is great. The downfall is that you cannot select all of the vCards at once. You have to manually, one-by-one, drag them to your Apple Contacts. Fortuantely I didn’t have thousands of contacts, but if I did, I’d be one unahappy customer.

Does what it says with a minimum of hassle

Dead easy to use, very intuitive. My only hiccup was that attempted to open the resulting .doc file but it did not actually display the contents, just a QuickView-esque picture of the icon with file info. Dragging the file to Pages, though, worked beautifully. Saved me from having to teach a client to use a cloud storage solution to get the file to me - win!

***Extremely Useful Tool***

This DAT viewer has been a life saver for me. I no longer have to request my clients to send files in a different format or from another computer. Works perfectly, every time..

Overwhelmingly happy!

I have struggled for years on different devices fighint winmail.dat problems. With this app, there is no struggle. There is no fight. It simply works. Effortlessly! On every iDevice I own. I am so happy with it. Like I tltled this review: Overwhelmingly happy.


I couldn’t figure out what was happening with one of my clients’ email attachments. Their IT department couldn’t figure it out either. A simple search on the APP store gave me this! And, it’s been VERY HELFUL ever since!! A++++

Works well

Works great. Only thing I did not know is that, after dragging and dropping, you have to drag the file out of the drop zone to your screen to open file.

worked as touted

it worked perfectly on both of my recent winmail.dat file.

Does its job

This app is simple and straight forward, which is probably what I love most about it. It is dependable and never crashes… I work in an Apple environment but it seems that a decent percentage of the people that I interact with (clients, etc) send me files that I always had to reply with a “can you reformat that, I can’t open it…” Not anymore! Saves me a lot of time.

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